> “each fly rod is a unique piece, like an handmade suit taylored for you”

T269726064_10227228215396753_6637157853637543923_nhe rods I build are 100%  handmade. Each single step is handmade, from the splitting of the culm until the finished rod. All the rods are built on tapers developed by myself. They have been thought with the goal to carry out bamboo rods able to join modern action features with the hystorical bamboo verve. Few pieces each year come out from the Lab. but each one of them has its unique personality.cropped-gallery2.jpgThe rods are built using only first quality Tonkin Cane  (ArundinariaAmabilis -. Pseudosasaamabilis.) Each rod is assembled using Bamboo Strips coming out from the same culm of bamboo.

90% of the tapers I developed, are carried out with the tecnique of the manual Hollow Building. Most of the handles and reel seats of the rods are handmade using a wide range of choice of natural materials like wood, birch, cork (FlorGrade quality coming from Italy or Pourtugal).


In 2010  I started to work with a different shape than the traditional Hexone..Trying to find something different in term of action and performances. So I found interesting working on a Widened Hex Shape. After 2 years of experiments, trials and errors, in 2013 I finally introduced them in my production. The Widened Hex Shape has beenIMG_7303-001 applied also to the Bamboo Ferrules concept, with good advantages in term of trasfer of energy, sensitivity and accuracy of the rod. Starting from 2014 i have introduced also in my offer a selection of Quadrate Shaped Splt Cane Rod.Most of my rods are made on commission, but i always have a selection of rods ready to be shipped. Check out what’s in Stock for Sale right now.


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