Split Canes

IMG_0473The Actions

FASTNESS: The actions of this tapers family are highly responsive (high natural frequency/fast action) and  able to satisfied also the more sofisticated anglers. It has been thought as an answer for those fishermen who wants high performances without loosing the real bamboo soul: (They come in the following lenghts and line weights 6’3” 6’6” 6’8” 7’ 7’2” -#2 – #3 – #4)

AMERICA: This tapers family has a great sensitivity of the tip which allows you to make gentle casts at short distances but if required it has the power to easily perfom long distance casts as well. They have a sweet medium/fast action (. (They come in the folliwing leghts and line weights: 6’8” 7’ 7’2” 7’5” 7’9” – #3 – #4 -#5)

ORIGIN: If you like the traditions sweetness of the bamboo this tapers are for you, They recall the medium action of the classic Bamboo Rods with a touch of modernity guaranteed by its progressive taper action which give to these rods an unexpectedly delicate power and great smoothness . (They come in the folliwing leghts and line weights: (7’ 7’5” 8’ 8’6” – #4 -#5 – #6)

The Versions

For each taper is provided an introduction version or a customized one. The introduction 2version comes usually with high quality components but without any customization. The components used are cork handle, downlocking reel seat (aluminum or nickel silver hardware with wood insert), nickel silver snake guides and a standard metal stripping guide. Double tip provided on demand.
The Customized version come on the  specifics required by the client like for istance, handmade wooden handle (or birch bark or cork with wood/birch bark inserts) handmade reel seat (selection of different woods) with silversmith slide bands, Agatha stripping guide and snake guides Bamboo ferrules are also provided.

The Limited Edition

Every year a small number of these rods come out from the cooperation between me and Steve Hoye from Klondike Rod Company

On Demand

If you are thinking about something different let’s talk about it. For any info please inquiry to info@t-rods.it

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4 thoughts on “Split Canes”

  1. Chris Dolla said:

    I was interested in the price of a 7 foot single tip 5 wt fly rod standard design with clear wraps black guides with blue slide band garrison reel seat. I live in Pennsylvania. What is the price in American dollars. Also how long to make and what is delivered cost. Thanks Chris Dolla

  2. Patrick Hub said:

    Buongiorno Massimo, thank you for making such beautiful rods. I am interested in a rod as a gift for my wife, but which we will both fish. Smaller, lighter, but with enough muscle to handle slightly adverse conditions, and perhaps just a little detail/ personalized touch so she knows it is hers. I would guess anywhere from 6’9″ to about 8′ in length, probably a 4 weight would work well, but 3 weight is ok also. What would you recommend? We both tend to fish rods like Winston WT, original Scott G, and so on, and she likes slightly faster action than I do.

    Many thanks for your time and consideration,

    Sincerely, Patrick

    • Hello Patrick, first of all thank you for your message…you have been very detailed on your info so i can easily suggest you which kind of rod could fit her expectations…i think couple of options could be considered: 7’2″ #4 in 2 pieces with 2 tips (bamboo ferrules or nickel silver ….i’d suggest bamboo ferrules version in order to have a more full bodied rod)…this could be my first choice if she likes mostly to fish dry fly…..7’10 #4 always 2 pieces with 2 tips bamboo ferruled version…this is the case she may like to fish also some nymph…..both the version are hollow built…the action is gentle middle fast action where a good sensitivity of the tip is joined to a good powerful butt in order to help you in windy conditions…regarding the customizing options we can talk about them in order to decide the different possibilities….hope I gave the info you were looking for…for any other info please don’t esitate to contact me directly to my e-mail address info@t-rods.it
      thank you very much

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