There are rodmakers and then there are Rodmakers…few, who made or who are making the History of the Rodbuilding movement. I think Tom Morgan is one of those who made and he’s still making a piece of the rodbuilding history. So when i decided to offer to my clients a very selected number of Glass Custom Fly Rod, i have had no doubts o choosing the best Glass Blanks available on the market: Tom Morgan Fiberglass Blanks.


It’s not easy to get those nice blanks; they seems to come up like drops…one by one. But Tom’s work worths some wait.

I’ll be offering a first run of Fiberglass Custom Rods built on Tom Morgan Blanks starting from the next May 2014.

They will be:

– 7′ #4 in 2 pieces- Tom Morgan description of these rods: “This is the standard light line rod for many anglers. Here again these rods have correct tip stiffness to handle light tackle fishing while having appropriate mid- and butt-strength for close to medium fishing distances. They are designed to have their sweet fishing range in the 15 to 45-foot distances. They work well under a wider range of fishing conditions than the 3-weight, providing greater versatility. They permit very delicate presentations, yet they will cast small wet flies or nymphs and medium sized dries”.

– 7′ 1/2 #5 in 2 pieces – Tom Morgan description of these rods: “This is a versatile line size for fishing a variety of flies in small to medium-sized waters. The tips are still supple for excellent fish striking and playing capabilities while the mid- and butt-stiffness is enough for average fishing distances. These rods work well in the 20 to 50/55-foot range. This line size covers a large range of fishing conditions for dry fly or small nymph fishing and has become a standard for many anglers around the world. A great rod that is fun and easy to fish”

The leading time of this first run will be between end of June and end of July.

The rod will be built in two different options:

– my version

– customized version

The rods will come in the original bag and rod tube made by Tom Morgan for these rods.

(Price 550,00 € – 720.00 US$)

DSC08848 DSC08849 DSC08851

For info and reserve your rod please inquiry to

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