Custom Nets

Here is a very nice selection of Todd Inman’s Custom Nets. I asked to Todd to make for me a selection of his beautiful handmade landing nets. He came out with these wonderful works.

For any information please feel free to contact me directly at


Small sizes: lenght 67cm (approx 26 inches) – net width 20cm (approx 7 inches)

(Price 140€ – 165 US$)

2016-02-14 10.36.27  2016-02-14 10.37.55 2016-02-14 10.38.30 2016-02-14 10.39.23















Big sizes: lenght 74cm (approx 30 inches) – net width 24cm (approx 10 inches)

(Price 170€ – 185 US$)

2016-02-14 10.40.01 2016-02-14 10.40.36








2016-02-14 10.42.17

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