As i’m sure you know, here in Italy, we are facing a very bad moment due to the collapsing of touristic market for the Coronavirus spreading.
Most of my living incomes, come from the bamboo fly rodsi built and from fishing/cultural guiding activity.
The beginning of this year, seemd to be started in a wonderful way. I have received several messages from people interested to book a trip here in Abruzzo. Several dates had been already booked in April May and September.
Since the spreading of the Covid-19, i have received several cancellation trip from clients (fairly scared by what’s going on right now in Italy).
So messages like these, became the norm in the last few days:
With the higher level of security with the coronavirus and travel issues within, I will be cancelling my trip. I
would request a refund for the trip. I am sure you are well aware of the security measures that the Italy has
in place. This is a very rare circumstance and I am sorry to have to cancel.
I will keep your contact for any future travel as you have been an extremely helpful guitde. I am being forced
to leave the country due to Corona. Sorry for the cancellation,”
I have promtly refunded the clients, with no problems…which is good.
Anyway in order to face the losses coming from the cancellations of the trips, and i presume there will be more cancellations during the entire season, i have decided to make a “Super Sale” on some of the bamboo rods i have built and that i have here at home. So that’s a good news for you 😀
Most of these rods are brand new (which it means they have never been fished), and few of them have been
slightly used.
In this post are listed the rods for sale with their description, technical specifications, the original price and the discounted one.
Thank You!
Massimo Tirocchi
p.s.: Please for any further information don’t esitate to contact me at: info@t-rods.it


Update August, 4th 2020 

I would like to thank all the friends who supported me on this rough time.

Most of the rods previously listed have been sold.

Thank you very much!!

Massimo Tirocchi