It has been quite long time, since my last post on the blog. I don’t feel like i have to be sorry about it, because honestly i think anyone got offended by this missing.

The will to write a new post, came out after i have readed a study HOW DO YOU FLY…FISH: ENVIRONMENTAL BEHAVIOR, TRAVEL, AND SPORT INVOLVEMENT OF FLY FISHERS IN NORTH CAROLINA by Thomas W. Winslow May, 2011 Director of Thesis: Jason Oliver – Major Department: M.S. Sustainable Tourism.

I intend to refer especially to the chapter where have been considered the Outdoors activities and the impact or protection role for the environment.

Of course my attention have been caught by the Fly Fishing pages where is very well described how fly fishing (despite between the other fishing tecniques has a lower impact on the nature) is itself cause of damnages to the environment.

Clearly I agree with this position, and that’s also why I never trusted so much fly fishermen who preach also an “integralist green approach”. But we care about environment protection….or at least we must care about it…that’s for sure.

So what make of the fly fishing the fishing tecnique which has the lowest impact on the river life? Specialization is the answer of the study. So let me know make a personal consideration about Specialization and Fly Fishing.

Fly fishing is a part of the fishing is its self a specilizazion…starting from this assumption we can say that the use of a fly rod have been a little bit nisanderstood in the last decades. I see people fishing with a fly rod, but using tecnique belonging to other tecniques, and I have the chance to ask “why you do it..i mean why you use a fishing rod for launching an imitation of a fish?” I normally got 2 answers:

  • Because this increase my % of captures
  • Because I want to be a complete fly fisherman.

I couldn’t agree with the first answer but I can accept it, understanding it and maybe deal with it.

But what really doesn’t make sense to me is the concept of “Complete fly fisherman”. It does make sense to talk about complete in something which is part of a whole world? You maybe can be a Complete Angler, but the concept of complete fly fisherman doesn’t make sense to me.

Fly fishing care about nature protection, Fly fishing is a specialization of the fishing world, Fly Fishing is inspired by the fairgame between the angler and the fish, ….Fly fishing is more that catching fish.


So as the specialization of the fly fishing helps the nature protection, approaching the fly fishing following the concept of the “Trout Sancturay” (Tradional Fly Fishing Only) help to protect your streams and your self. Healthy streams for healthy people.

So its’ seem to be the time you clean the blood from your teeth human…it has been long time you don’t need more to hunt or fish for living. The animal instinct have been partially sublimated. Fishing is more about sport and recreation activity.

The advanced cultures have always understood the importance of the ritualization of the fights. They learnt it from the nature where the death is never the first option.

Be a fly fisherman is a choice that give more chance to the fish. Be a fly fisherman means you put limit to your possibility of catch. Be a fly fisherman is a well thought choice to be an Uncomplete angler.