Since my earlier youth days, hand wood working and Fly Fishing have been my 2 great passions. A the beginning they walked costantly in two parallel tracks and they never met each other.

Only several years after, during a fishing trip in Tuscany, these two world became one. Split Cane Rods was the trick, the way in which, wood and fly fishing met each others.

Well, no need to say that in that moment my life took a new bend.

In the last 7 years i have been completly absorbed by bamboo rodmaking. No rest, 7 years of compulsory studying and making split canes rods.

This past October i started to work for preparing the booth for Somerset Fly Fishing Show. So i decided to make some wooden rod cases. I thought they could be a nice compliment to my rods.

So i had some Doussiè left but it was not enough and i bought some American Cherry. This have been the chance to get in touch again with handwood working for building something different from a split cane rod. The sensation has been suddenly WOW…i missed it since long time.

The result is that after 7 years i took a break from bamboo rodmaking and i have been completly lost in building wooden handmade compliments to my split canes production.

So from the beginning of this new year, I’ll be offering costantly some Wooden Fly Box, Desplying Fly Boxes for professional tiers,  Rods displayer and of course wooden rod cases.

To them will be applied the same construction approach i use on my split canes which it means that the idea is not to make standard stuff on high production number, but working mostly by hand also the boxes, displayer and others, will be totally custom, in order to make of them real one of a kind pieces.