December it’s cool…

I’m not talking about Christams and the crazy race of the people. They look like more schitzophrenic than usual…everybody’s looking for Santa Claus, but nobody saw it so far.

December it’s cool to me because i start to smell the atmosphere of the new year fly fishing shows.Basicly bog shows to me mean Somerset Fly Fishing Show.

In the last couple of moths the work in the lab has been frenetic, trying to building and choose the rods and the other stuff i’ll bring with me.

This year, for sure there will be a lot of wood in the booth. At the end of October th last custom orders have been fullfilled, and i started to work for preparing the fly fishing shows of the beginning 2014.

Don’t know why, but i got completly captured by wood. Bamboo of course for the Split Canes, but i decide to make a selection of wooden rod cases, building them using American cherry or Doussiè and Briar or Olive wood for little insert.

Also studying the chance to make some nice wooden fly box. At the moment i think i got close  to the final version also for them.

So things are rolling here……2014 we are on our way.