I knew there was something of special on this rod…actually there was something of special between me and this rod. Maybe it was the way she looked at me, or maybe was her warm and delicate voice. She came to my mind dressed to kill. Elegant, classic and at the same time so Classy!!!

I think it has been love at the first look.

So I couldn’t wait to have a date with this real Lady.

Finally early this morning I had the chance for a date. We just spent half an hour togheter. The lights of the city where still turned on while we met. And the day was just arrived when we felt apart.

Yes few minutes to understand that you are my Lady.

..very easy (to cast) conversation, extremily fashon bends (tighted loops) and several adrenaline bites (velocity)…and everything has been so natural between us.. (obtained without any effort.)….

Oh! How much i’d like to take her with me…..but life is rough sometime…

the identikit of a prfect gentleman for this rod should be something like this:

– you have to be a great split canes lover;

– you have to be an above average casting skilled guy (to appreciate how the rod can be easy to cast but at the same time can give you wonderful performaces);

– you have to be lucky enough to have the chance to afford the cost of the rod…….

If you don’t see yourself in those characters, then please don’t buy this rod….