What a mess! I get to lab very early in the morning and since the last weeks the Lab is constantly in the mess. Which is good..it’s a welcoming caos where i find almost everytime what i’m looking for.

Worked a lot on making Split Cane sto full fill recent custom order, but now fall is coming and the trout fishing season will be over soon. So just got few days of relax thinking about the destinations for the last fishing of the season and thinking about the rods to prepare for the next shows.

January 2014 there will be the Somerset Fly Fishing Show and i’m glad that the next one will be for me the 3rd partecipation to the show. It’s never a good idea to have great expectation when decide to attend a show but, the 3rd partecipation to a big show like the Somerset it means for me a kind of milestone on the path of my work. It will be a check point about the work i did in the last 3 years. So it will see if i worked well or not.

This year the British Fly Fair International will be held on the fist week end of febraury and i’m in the process so make my booking for the stand.

Then, maybe May, will be the time of Dutch Fly Fair.

So, a lot of work on and very few time to write.

Hope you’ll enjoy this little journey into my works.