Sometimes i need a break!

I need to play, to laugh, to cast and think…….i need to jump out of the box…also if it’s only for few moments, few days, few years.

So jumping out of the box i found myself in the middle of a mini cane framed fly rod (maybe also with a wonderfully tied Classic Salmon fly), and the will to keep experimenting new tapers for the real world. I stopped just in the middle between fantasy and reality, a toy and an almost serious fishing tool….

A 4’ Split Cane Fly Rod can be a nice toy to keep close to you when you’re at home, in your office, on your back yard. Just to give some cast and let the bad thoughts keep running out of my paths.

So i built it and as soon as it was built i couldn’t wait to give it a cast. I tied a piece of Dacron on the tip and tried to cast…it was soon a good feeling, but that piece of dacron was not enough, the little beast wanted more to unleashed the (at least for me) unexpected power.

I went back to the Lab and put 3 snakes guide and the tip top.

Now we’are talking!!

It cast like a jewel with a Double Taper #3 and with a #4 too, reaching easily 10 meters.

You know the destiny wanted that 15 minutes driving from my home, there is a tiny streams and it’s very well popoulated by small wild brownies…the little stream is maybe 2 meters wide and very reach of vegetation alla long the banks. I fished it always with short rods, but for shorter they were, i always missed some small pocket of water where was almost impossibile to cast. No space.

(in the pic the Prototype of the LudiCane 3’9″ one piece)


The following afternoon i was driving my wife’s car in the direction of that small stream. And just beside me i put the LudiCane 3’9” one piece because i wanted to fish it for real.

Few cast on a small stretch of calm water and the first tiny trout rose on the caddis. Set! Amazing! The little cane bent like a normal rod fighting a 1 kg. Trout. I can’t describe that, btut after almost 30 years of fly fishing i have never had that kind of feeling setting a trout and feel his life on the little cane rod.


It has been a kind of New Age. I caught at least 6 small trouts on two hours, but the wonderful thing was the sensation of having a direct contact with that small piece of water and its life; almost like putting your fly on the surface using your hands and as a magic watching those small trouts coming up to grab the fly.


I have always been fascinated by very light tackles since i saw the documentary of Lee Wulff fishing for Salmon using a 6’ split cane rods on the Miramich river… if he used a 6’ for Salmons, a smalI brown trout can be caught on a 4’ rod…and the fun is guaranteed.

The first LudiCane will be available from the end of July.

In the making now the first 3 pieces of LudiCane. They will be 4’ in two pieces with nickel silver ferrules, cork handle and wooden made downlocking mini reel seat.

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