There is always a dream that is waiting us to be part of it. Wonderful scenarios crossed by rivers that show its unbelievable beauty bend after bend. Patagonia is a healing touch for the heart of true fly fishermen….people always looking for a dream.

I made my first bamboo week in 2011 and from then i considered it as my longlife best fly fishing experience i have made. Fishing the Patagonia rivers using Bamboo Rods is something that add a special touch to the grace and the magic of those rivers and the services provided by Andes Drifters will make us feel like home.

The Final Program of the Patagonia Bamboo Week has been done….hope you’ll join us to live another Dream Trip

Massimo Tirocchi Bamboo Week with Andes Drifters

March 2nd to March 9th 2013

Saturday March 2nd –Arrival Day – Introduction to “The Bamboo New Age” by Massimo Tirocchi – Fly Casting Demonstration – Malleo River afternoon walk and wade – Wine Tasting and introduction to Argentina Wines – Welcome Dinner

We will pick the group up at the Bariloche Hotel and drive them to the lodge which is strategically located next to the banks of the Chimehuin River with a magnificent view of Lanin Volcano. A natural side branch of the main river regulated by a group of dams and ponds creates a “spring creek” that runs near the buildings. Six independent chalet located by the ponds will give to each guest the privacy of having their own unit. The Club House is where you will enjoy your meals with a great ambiance and special moments of the trip.

Once we are checked in at the Lodge we will enjoy an introduction to “The Bamboo New Age” by Massimo Tirocchi where he will explain certain details of the Italian Casting Style and bamboo “new concept” rods to fit this casting style. This will be followed by a demonstration and lessons of “how to cast a bamboo rod” and the “Italian Casting Style” on the ponds located next to the Lodge.

Afterwards we will head to the waters of Malleo River. Only 15 minute form the Lodge we will be fishing the lower stretches of this river where some nice browns and rainbows will be waiting for us. We will be looking for trout feeding on the surface and we will have several sight fishing opportunities. Once back at the Lodge while we relax on the fantastic view of the Lanin volcano we will enjoy an introduction to Argentinean Wines, a selection of labels from the different wineries areas will delight you while learning about the wines of the diverse areas in the country. This will be follow with a traditional dinner that will complete your intro to Argentina.

Lodging: Spring Creek Lodge

Meals: Lunch, at Spring Creek Lodge and Wine Tasting & Dinner, at the Lodge

Sunday March 3rd –Upper Malleo River walk & wade – Spring Creek Lodge

This morning after breakfast we will leave in direction to one of the best streams in Northern Patagonia for the practice of dry flies fishing.

This is a medium size stream populated with rainbows and browns in average 16 to 18 inches hiding some trophy brown trout in every corner.

The upper stretch of this stream has a faster flow and more coverage due the banks full of willow trees; this gives the perfect environment for more large browns to hide on it. We will be walking and searching for rising trout in many sight fishing situations that will give provide us great fun and action.

Lodging: Spring Creek Lodge

Meals: Breakfast, at the Lodge; Lunch, river side and Dinner, at the Lodge


Monday March 4th -Alumine River Float Trip – Fly tying session by Gonzalo Flego (local Fly Tier)

 The ones who decide for fishing today will head to the waters of Alumine River. This is a large size river which is ideal to float in multiple different sections and assure good action every day. The features of this stream will allow us to try multiples techniques. We will find large eddies of slow waters with sipping rainbows, as well as, brown trout on rocky banks of riffles that will be taking hoppers as well as streamers patterns.Today we will float a section of 8 miles and cover some unique variety of waters. Rainbows and brown that will average 17 inches will keep us busy and excited during the day.

Once all are back at the Lodge we will enjoy a Fly Tying Session by Gonzalo Flego. On top of being a full time guide for Andes Drifters he is a highly passionate fly fishermen; that has been a creative fly tier for years developing some unique patterns to match the insect of northern Patagonia waters.

Lodging: Spring Creek

Meals: Breakfast, at the Lodge; Lunch, river or field side and Dinner, at the Lodge

Tuesday March 5th -Caleufu River Wading – Spring Creek Lodge – Traditional Argentine Asado at Spring Creek

Today we’ll fish the lower section of Caleufu River where we’ll look for the surface action of the trout feeding on minnows. This particular fishery features two different varieties of tiny minnows that migrate from the reservoir, where this river flows in.

Every year by middle summer this behavior starts and makes all the large fish from the lake follow these minnow inside the river. The trout focuses on the riffles where these minnows are occasionally push in schools by the current and you can see amazing surfaces action of the trout busting the minnows bait balls. We will spend the day wading on the last dozen riffles before the stream outlet on the lake. We will have the chance of catching rainbows and browns over 20 inches. Tonight when all are back at the Lodge we will experience a traditional Argentina Asado. This is the most traditional meals of Argentinean that cock on a grill with fire wood cokes a selection of beef cut and sausages. All of this will be served with a variety of fresh salads and great argentine Malbec.

Lodging: at Spring Creek Lodge

Meals: Breakfast, at Spring Creek Lunch, river side and Dinner, Argentine Asado at Spring Creek Lodge

Wednesday March 6th – Collon Cura River three days Float Trip – 1st Day – Andes Drifters Deluxe River Island Camp

This morning we will pack and leave the Lodge to start the unique adventure of floating a Patagonia River for three days and two night of Camping in Islands of the river with the deluxe service we provide on it.

The Collon Cura River is the major stream of the area and where all rivers like Chimehuin, Alumine, Malleo and Quillen flows. This makes of the stream a large size one. The lower section of this river, stretch we are going to float, is probably the most prolific piece of water of the region. We will float a section of 25 miles in three days which all flows through Collon Cura Ranch owned by Ted Turner making it a very inaccessible stretch.Tonight we will reach our camp crew that would have Camp set up for us and will be waiting for our arrival with a delicious chicken on the disco (this is another traditional country side meal of Argentina that cooks chicken on and iron wok against the fire with green and red peppers, onions and peas all cooked in a white wine sauce. Again we will accompany this with some good Argentine wines. Our Camp service provides tents equipped with cots, inflatable mattress and sleeping bags that will provide you great comfort. Our Dining tent will protect you while enjoying dinner. Bathroom tent with toilets will provide the best sanitary conditions. The camp will be supplied with electric power for illumination and charging batteries of diverse electronic devices if required. Full time service assistants will help you with anything while your stay at the camp.

Lodging: Collon Cura’s Island Camp

Meals: Breakfast, at the Lodge; Lunch, river side and Dinner, Chicken on the Disco at Camp

Thursday March 7th – Collon Cura River three days Float Trip – 2nd Day – Andes Drifter Deluxe River Island Camp – Lamb cock with gaucho style for dinner

Today’s stretch of the lower Collon Cura River it presents a unique trout paradise. Multiple side channels, cut banks and banks densely covered by willow trees give the perfect environment for rainbows and browns. We will combine fishing from the boat with walk and wading in some of the hidden side channels of this stretch which always are a great opportunity for sight fishing. We will reach our second camp of the float where our camp crew will be waiting for us tonight with a traditional Lamb cock on the iron cross at the “gaucho style”. This meal will be something you will remember for long time, the lamb will be serve with a variety of salads and great argentine wines.

Lodging: Collon Cura’s Island Camp

Meals: Breakfast, at the Camp; Lunch, river side and Dinner, Lamb at gaucho style on Camp

Friday March 8th -Collon Cura River Float Trip – 3rd Day – The Minnow’s Action –Transfer to Bariloche- Cacique Inacayal Resort – Dinner at Hotel’s Restaurant

The last part of our Collon Cura float trip is feature by the minnow’s migration. Some of our rivers, especially those which outlet to Reservoirs, features a migration of minnow of two different species generating fantastic source of food for the trout that lives on these streams. When these migrations happens the trout from the reservoir (rainbows and browns) follow the minnows inside the river and chase them to the riffles where they feed on them on the surface. This creates a very exciting and productive fishing situation. When we reach our takeout we will be ready to head to Bariloche. We will be privately driven to the Cacique Inacayal Resort ( where we will spend the night and enjoy dinner over viewing the Nahuel Huapi Lake. The group will enjoy dinner at the Hotel Restaurant with a bottle of wine included for every two persons.

Lodging: at Cacique Inacayal Resort

Meals: Breakfast, at Camp; Lunch, river side and Dinner, at Cacique Inacayal Resort Restaurant

Departure Day

 After breakfast we will drive you to the Airport.


Saturday March 9th Shopping time downtown – Bariloche Airport – Departure Flight


After breakfast and a possible shopping session in Bariloche’s downtown which is walking distance from Hotel we will be privately transfer to Bariloche Airport to catch our flight back home.




  • Massimo Tirocchi will supply with his rods for trying and fishing them during the trip




  • Full time guide assistance during all the describe itinerary
  • All Lodging describe on the itinerary
  • All meals, beer and wine
  • Fishing License
  • Interaction with Massimo Tirocchi and his expertise on the Bamboo Rod’s World
  • Fly Tying demonstrations by recognized Local Fly Tiers
  • Use of Massimo Tirocchi’s Bamboo rods during the trip
  • A wine tasting event




  • Local or international flights
  • Airport transfers while in Buenos Aires. We can arrange this for you upon request
  • Accommodations prior to and after the program describe
  • Laundry
  • Gratuities